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Portugal is in fashion. It is a country with a great tradition in the textile sector since immemorial times, progressing with industrialization in the late eighteenth century and exploding for exporting in the 70s and 80s, especially due to labor costs considerably lower, the proximity of its geographical location and cultural affinity.

In the last two decades, Portugal globally changed its industrial structure, the path has been the modernization, flexibility and more sensitivity to the new reality of the market which provides for a European development strategy. Design, innovation of new products and production techniques, clean technology, respect for human rights, marketing and guidance for market segments with high added value.

Since 1990 the Mipa and Unimaia developed its entire structure for the production and export of products made in Portugal.

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Our main goal has always been to offer our customers a quality service and a product of excellence.

Our work philosophy is based on concepts such as:

  • "Quick Response", a quick and timely response to requests from our customers.
  • "Tailor Made", personalized, individualized service and adapted, based on the needs and strategy of each client.
  • "One Stop Shop", we offer various services, ie, our customers can obtain with us everything they need to develop their products.
  • "Tandem Work", we work together with our customers in close collaboration, assessing their individual needs.

We are committed to our clients and provide full transparency about the origin and manufacturing conditions of all products.

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Social compliance and codes of conduct are also at the center of our concerns, we act in accordance with legal regulations, child labor, fundamental rights of workers, payment of wages and hours of work, decent working conditions, respect for the environment and animals.

Quailidade control. The quality of our services and products, are the foundation of our success. We work with partners in northern Portugal with high quality services and Oko-Tex certification and GOTS -Global Organic Textile Standard.

Our Business functions as a global multi-channel sourcing platform that lets you create, supply options tailored to meet specific customer needs. From product design and raw materials sourcing to production management and quality control, we collaborate with our customers and help produce finished products that their customers demand.

We create a number of consumer products in a wide range of product categories from clothing, home decor, handbags and accessories, sporting goods, uniforms and shoes.

Our capabilities of design and product development allow us to present an initial idea of creating the entire manufacturing process to the finished product in the consumer's hands. We constantly strive to meet the specific needs of each client in the areas of design, sales, marketing, distribution and management as well as in a responsible manner for the entire supply chain.

Product specialists in each customer segment, with strong bonds of partnership with suppliers to provide knowledge and help customers make informed purchase decisions.

We are proud of our performance, by the number of customers who choose to work with us, including world famous brands.

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Company profile: We specialize in production management, sensitive products delivery time.

We provide sophisticated solutions, "one-stop-shop" to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our relationship with customers and network providers are the basis for a platform supply and distribution of consumer products.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards to meet the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, quality and delivery on time.

With our knowledge and technology, we have the capacity and flexibility to respond quickly to changing trends in consumption and production markets.

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We are entrepreneurship: we join forces, synergies and strategies to create and develop a successful business.

Identify a business opportunity, know new products, new production techniques, master new technologies, meet customer needs in different markets are the basis for the sustainability of our growth.

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