Mipa & Unimaia - Textile Productions

Textile company, founded in 1990 specialized in purchasing management. We manage production times, finishing levels, quality and communication from the initial idea presented to the conclusion of the order, of the most varied products for various clients and brands, with particular emphasis to: Esprit, Tom Tailor, Porche Design, Mexx, Campus, P & C, Marlboro and BMW who are with us for more than 20 years. This fact is representative of the excellence of our services and makes us proud and optimistic for the future.

Mipa & Unimaia, Ltd provides solutions for various areas such as clothing, footwear, home textiles and uniforms, meeting the specific needs of our customers, from product design, to raw materials, production management, quality control, transportation and logistics. Thus ensuring a personalized follow-up throughout the product development process.

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